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We established our lawn care company, Chris Landscaping & Lawn Services, in 2018. That’s when we gathered a fantastic team of people with over 14 years of collective experience caring for lawns. We offer our services to residential and commercial customers in Houston, TX because every yard deserves to be beautifully kept and healthy! If you need professional work and honed skills – we’ve got them! We offer extensive and detailed upkeep, so you don’t have to worry about doing the work!

Lawn Service

Lawn Service

You Deserve Quality

You don’t deserve a half job or mediocre skills. Neither does your lawn! You deserve the very best we can offer, which is something we always accomplish either way. We can’t imagine offering any less. Perfection doesn’t come from laziness or slow and unenthusiastic work – it comes from vigorous work and stability. We want you to be sure that our lawn service is the most perfect and dependable one you could have requested, and we will work hard to prove that along the way!

It’s About Work and Values

When you have a great combination of hard work and strong values – everything goes to plan! As long as we’re careful with the execution of every step of our lawn care, we have no issue guaranteeing perfection for every customer. After all, we care deeply about our reputation and work hard to maintain it. We care about every customer and will oblige to every need and demand!

Call Chris Landscaping & Lawn Services at (832) 276-1813 and request the best lawn service in town – according to countless reviews! If you live in and around the Houston, TX area and feel your yard deserves the skills and care of professionals in the area – call as soon as possible. The quicker you call, the more time we have to prepare and note down all the information you have for us. If we’re perfectly prepared, we can guarantee you’ll get our impeccable skills and the beautiful results you need!


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