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Fantastic Lawn Care for You!

With Chris Landscaping & Lawn Services, you can expect our quality lawn care and landscaping services! Your lawn will look precisely how you want it to, and you’ll feel even better knowing you still have all the time and energy in the world to take care of all the rest of the tasks looming over your head. Tell us your exact location in or around the Houston, TX area, and save time when you’d be able to let us in so we can start making everything beautiful!

Areas of Specialization

Our Services

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Dependable lawn care can only come from expert landscapers - people who have been in the business a long while and know how to handle different components. That's why you shouldn't wonder about it - you should ask for our help!
Landscaping and Design

Landscaping and Design

Landscaping and design are what we do best, and we do a fantastic job with each. We can create true beauty that will last and make everyone envious. Call and see the wonders we can work on your lawn and its appearance!
Irrigation System Repair

Irrigation System Repair

You can't allow your irrigation system to stop working - your lawn won't get the proper irrigation. That is a recipe for plenty of problems in the future. Instead of waiting to see what happens - ask for our repair service!
Planting Services

Planting Services

You don't have to get angry because planting is not your strong suit - it doesn't need to be. You can still get everything you want planted in your garden and lawn - you have to ask our experts to help with the tiresome task!
Tree Services

Tree Services

You can't expect your overall appearance to be perfect if the trees don't match and give you the freshness, health, and beauty you need from them. If you're thinking 'no,' - you've got the right idea. That's why we want to take care of the trees too!
Patio Pavers Installation

Patio Pavers Installation

Why not add beautiful pavers to your patio to enhance the appearance of your lawn? You can't take care of the installation on your own? That's what we're waiting to hear - we do a fantastic pavers installation and want to show you!
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  • Tree Services
  • Patio Pavers Installation
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High-Quality Lawn Care and Landscaping!

Exceptional quality lawn care and landscaping! Wonderful staff and brilliant results. I am very impressed with what they did for my lawn - it looks spectacular. They saved me so much time, and I got to keep my energy for other tasks. My lawn looks like something out of a fairytale - it's so clean-cut and lovely!

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Easily Take Care of Your Lawn

Lawn care is no simple task and requires a lot of your time. You can’t try to focus on a million things daily and still anticipate having enough time for the overall upkeep and making everything as beautiful as you want. Why not try and lighten the load a little bit, at least? Maybe try and prioritize your tasks and leave the beauty of your lawn to someone who has more time and skill than you. Look for a professional team to handle everything while you focus your attention elsewhere.

We’ll Take the Work Off Your Hands

What’s better than having experts take all the work off your hands? Especially if it’s something on a larger scale like taking care of your lawn overall and making it healthy and beautiful – why not take advantage of our passion and skill on the matter? We will keep up with your demands and will offer the work you can’t afford to afford on your own. We’ll listen to what you have to say and ensure every detail is in check so you can smile every time you look out at your lawn!

More Areas We Serve

Do you think the neighboring town deserves the services more than you? We don’t think so. We believe everyone deserves perfection whether they have the time or not. That’s why we choose to be more effective and reach out to more people rather than concentrate only on one area. We added a few more counties because we knew people need perfection but rarely have the time or energy for an overall lawn service, and we wanted to help with the skills and knowledge we possess!¬†

  • Webster, TX
  • Seabrook, TX
  • Santa Fe, TX
  • Kemah, TX
  • League, TX

Call¬†Chris Landscaping & Lawn Services and ask about our effective and affordable lawn maintenance today! Don’t let your yard become disheveled and unkempt – what would people think? Imagine having the perfect property and a less-than-perfect yard to reduce the appearance! That wouldn’t be to your liking – now, would it? If you don’t have the time – don’t worry about that! We have plenty of that to offer and will bring along our skills and tools to ensure your lawn in Houston, TX is stunning from every angle!